weekend project!

Here's a my weekend project. I made these on sunday for Cosette. The pattern is super easy and can go for any season. I figured for winter I could put a long sleeve T underneath. The I have a shirt for all seasons. I think this pattern would also be great for a nightgown fo ra little girl made out of the cute silky fabrics they have in shops these days.

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Janine said...

Adrienne, I LOVE everything you make. I wish I had that talent. I am so jealous!!!! Saying things are easy to make aren't so easy for people like me. I try, but nothing seemss to end up right. But anyways, I love this site and you are so amazingly talented. I salute you!!! Thanks for your ideas!!! My mom just told me that your moving.............I am super sad!!! Please let me know where so I can keep in touch with you. I will definitely keep blogstalking you for sure. How much do you charge if I am inept in making your cute ideas?