TheWonder Box

I Just added a Picture of a Wonder Box. Many of you will wonder what it is. It is a Bean Bag like item that is used in Emergency Prepardness (I am way into that) or Camping. It's called retained heat cooking. If you can get your food to boiling you place the pan into the wonder box and it will continue to cook you food with out a heat source. I have also used it to keep food cold or to use camping for shower bags. I have used mine for soup, potatoes (my favorite use), Bread and keeping my food cold. I bring my potatoes to a boil before church. Place them in the Wonder Box. Cover and leave. When we get home I have potaoes ready to mash. It is really cool. If you have any questions on uses, how to get or how to make e mail me or call. Hope you are all doing well. Adrienne

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